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डेटा पत्रक - Monolithic Resolver-to-Digital Converter - Analog Devices

भाग संख्या AD2S80A
समारोह Monolithic Resolver-to-Digital Converter
मैन्युफैक्चरर्स Analog Devices 
लोगो Analog Devices लोगो 
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Last Content Update: 11/01/2016
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Application Notes
• AN-203: Using the AD2S80 Series Resolver-to-Digital
Converters as Control Transformers
• AN-234: Digital Resolver Integration
• AN-252: Using the AD2S80 Series Resolver to Digital
Converters with Synchro's; Solid State Scott-T Circuit.
• AN-263: Resolver to Digital Conversion; Simple
Alternative to Optical Shaft Encoders
• AN-264: Dynamic Characteristics of Tracking Converter
• AN-265: Circuit Applications of the AD2S80 and AD2S81
Resolver to Digital
• AN-266: Passive Component Selection and Dynamic
Modeling for the AD2S80 Series Resolver to Digital
Data Sheet
• AD2S80A: Errata Sheet
• AD2S80A: Variable Resolution, Monolithic Resolver-to-
Digital Converter Data Sheet
• AD2S81A/AD2S82A: Variable Resolution, Monolithic
Resolver-to-Digital Converters Data Sheet
Reference Materials
Technical Articles
• DSP Motor Control in Domestic Appliance Applications
• Single Chip DSP Motor Control Systems Catching on in
Home Appliances
Design Resources
• AD2S80A Material Declaration
• PCN-PDN Information
• Quality And Reliability
• Symbols and Footprints
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Technical Support
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